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A treatment for Premature Ejaculation should be basically able to allow the patient to regain control over his ejaculation in order for him to have a healthy sex life again.

Bearing this in mind, and according to our experience in treating sexual dysfunctions, at Recovery Center we have been able to isolate four factors that are crucial for a successful Premature Ejaculation treatment
"Step at Once" treatment benefits

A Timely diagnosis: An appropriate and precise diagnosis of Premature Ejaculation is the first step to be taken when trying to detect and address this problem.

B Fast treatment: Premature Ejaculation causes are usually easy to detect and revert from the very beginning. Nevertheless, time is a decisive factor when dealing with this condition. The longer the patient waits to be diagnosed and treat the problem appropriately, the greater the chances are that it is being caused by more severe problems and will have more complications.

C Avoiding unnecessary traumas: Our experiences have shown that most men do not want to visit a sexual therapist when this kind of problem first appears. Making an appointment and going to a doctor’s office is not always necessary and sometimes can be counterproductive. The concept for "Step at Once" was specially developed for this problem and with the only purpose of avoiding the trauma and stress caused by the interaction with a health professional. It may only lead the patient into a psycho-somatic vicious circle and worsen a problem which is normally not serious in the beginning.

D Personalized treatment: Only a personalized treatment and an appropriate follow-up will guarantee success when trying to put an end to Premature Ejaculation. Each case in particular has different characteristics that should be considered when developing a treatment.

Remember: Premature Ejaculation always has a solution...

Premature Ejaculation always has a solution. 1 Premature Ejaculation always has a solution. 2