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The following test is an interactive diagnostic tool developed to determine if you indeed suffer from Premature Ejaculation and how severe your problem is. Results will provide the information our team needs to determine which treatment is suitable for your particular case.

Remember: the interactive diagnostic tool represents the foundation of the Recovery Center complete treatment, which has been exclusively created to benefit you. Its main goal is to help you detect and solve your premature Ejaculation problem. That is why you must be as honest as possible when answering each and every one of the following questions.
Types of premature ejaculation according to the Hastings Scale
Very common in teenagers and young adults who start having sex later in their lives. It is known as the lowest level of Premature Ejaculation and it is usually caused by anxiety, fear, guilt after the first sexual encounter, a lack of sex education or knowledge regarding masturbation techniques. This type of PE is the easiest one to treat.
It is very common in adults, particularly for those who are between 22 and 45 years old. Type II Premature Ejaculation usually appears without prior warning and is caused by stressful situations, highly demanding responsibilities and the extreme pressures of daily routines. Although this type of Premature Ejaculation is treatable, the several external factors that causes it may create a psychosomatic vicious circle and worsen the case.
This type of Premature Ejaculation is not very common, but highly serious. It usually comes as the result of a Type II Premature Ejaculation that remained untreated or was inadequately treated. The patient is soon locked into a psychosomatic vicious circle and a severe case of depression can give room to this type of Premature Ejaculation. Even though this type of PE is very severe, it is as treatable as the aforementioned ones; it may take a little more time and effort from the patient, though.
This is the most severe type of Premature Ejaculation and represents a risk to your health. It normally develops from Type III Premature Ejaculation that has not been treated and has evolved into an advanced dysfunction. The consequences of this dysfunction are serious and unpredictable, often resulting in severe cases of behavioral disorders, including total isolation and severe depression. This type of Premature Ejaculation is also treatable, but it requires urgent attention and, due to how severe it is, we highly recommend you make an appointment with a sex therapist.
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