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All those disorders that diminish, disturb, or interfere with normal sexual activity are considered sexual dysfunctions.

There are several kinds of male sexual dysfunctions, but the most frequently seen ones are Inhibited Sexual Desire (ISD), Type I and II Erectile Dysfunction and Premature Ejaculation (PE). The latter represents over 47% of all dysfunctions and affects up to 63% of men under 45.
Percentage of effectiveness within three weeks of treatment
Percentage of effectiveness within three weeks of treatment
The "Step at Once" TREATMENT
Common treatment
Thanks to our experience we have discovered that the possibility of immediate recovery from Premature Ejaculation reaches 83% for lower and intermediate cases and 43% for advanced cases by simply avoiding the trauma of having to visit a professional in person.

Recovery Center was created with findings in mind. And, as a fundamental part of our exclusive "Step at Once" treatment, we bring together the latest sexology research and the most updated information technology in order to help everyone who has decided to put an end to this problem.

Remember: Premature Ejaculation is a health disorder and, as such, it implies a systematic deterioration of the quality of life as long as goes unresolved